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Understanding Performance & Value

We undertake a wide range of evaluations to help our clients understand the effectiveness of the services they are delivering and their impact. 

GC Insight designs and delivers government-standard evaluations that assess the overall achievements of economic development and environmental policies, programmes and pilots and how they are being delivered. We provide detailed assessments of initiatives to improve business competitiveness, achieve net zero, grow innovation, tackle resource efficiency and enhance the life outcomes of people. We will look at initiatives that are part way through their delivery life cycle to help identify areas for improved performance, and once they are at, or near, completion we assess their overall impact. We also help clients work out how to evaluate their activities at the outset, so they are collecting the right information and assessing their effectiveness in real-time. 

Our team can also undertake complex and sophisticated modelling and primary research (including large-scale surveys) to generate the evidence needed to assess impact and performance.


  • Process evaluation
  • Theory-based impact evaluation
  • Quasi-experimental impact evaluation
  • Value-for-Money evaluation
  • Performance monitoring 

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