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Insights for Better Informed Decision Making

GC Insight provides robust evidence and astute analysis to help our clients better understand the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of people, places, and businesses, and the issues they face.

Our team has a breadth of skills in social research, including survey design and administration, interviewing and group facilitation, stakeholder consultation, and evidence reviews. We combine this with strong analytical expertise in modelling, statistics, mapping, evidence synthesis and data visualisation to present insights in engaging and accessible ways that help to inform decision-making on policy, investments and priorities for action. 

At a national and international level, we gather evidence our clients and collaborators require to inform policy development decisions or support evaluation of existing policies. Our in-house research team conducts thousands of interviews each year with target audiences, stakeholders, and beneficiaries of existing programmes and initiatives.

At a local level, we shine a light on the factors that are impacting on growth and performance by undertaking baseline and benchmark analysis. This allows us to set the scene, identify and understand trends over time, and to compare the solutions other places have developed. We engage with local stakeholders to understand their aspirations and we use our analytical skills to undertake foresight analysis of trends and drivers so our clients can anticipate future challenges.

GC Insight helps clients make better informed decisions with evidence and analysis.   


GC Insight offers a broad package of services that draws on deep expertise in social research based on a foundation of strong analysis. We work with international and national clients, as well as local government, non-profits and businesses.  

  • Social research
  • Surveys (online, telephone, mixed-mode)
  • Interviews and observation
  • Focus groups
  • Stakeholder engagement/consultation
  • Secondary research and analysis
  • Media analysis

  • Behavioural analysis
  • Baselining and foresight
  • Modelling and scenarios
  • Statistical analysis
  • Mapping
  • Sentiment capture
  • SitRep reporting

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