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Meeting the Net Zero Challenge

GC Insight support clients to design, deliver and evaluate solutions that help organisations make more rapid progress towards clean growth and net zero outcomes.

We examine the green transformational opportunities and the levers required to realise the value of these economically, socially and environmentally, for example in hydrogen, clean energy, carbon sequestration, green transport, and food and drink.

We work with organisations to secure more rapid adoption of green energy solutions and to stimulate green economy growth. We help clients understand the skills, investments and processes needed to make the transition to a competitive net zero economy.

We also help clients demonstrate the progress they have made and have a strong track record in evaluating the effectiveness of initiatives to secure environmental impacts and progress towards net zero goals.  

GC Insight helps places to better adapt for the upcoming green economy opportunities and meet the global net zero challenge.


  • Green economy sectors and supply chain: evidence and strategic development 
  • Evaluation of clean energy, decarbonisation and circular economy policies
  • Running and testing clean energy, decarbonisation and circular economy pilots
  • Green skills evidence base: needs and supply 
  • Just transition research, development and evaluation
  • Net Zero research and strategy
  • Attitude and behaviour research among consumers and businesses
  • Capturing the value of natural capital

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