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Helping Businesses Improve Productivity

Our team provides organisations and businesses with advice and support to operate more effectively and respond to changing circumstances.

We have helped thousands of clients ensure they are better positioned to deliver their priorities, operate efficiently and enhance their impact. We undertake management reviews, create brand frameworks, develop marketing and communications plans, provide leadership analysis and training, and deploy digital solutions to help businesses benchmark their performance against others and to identify growth potential. 

Online Tools to Create and Identify Growth

Benchmark Index is a suite of powerful diagnostics that has helped businesses grow in the UK, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. It is backed by a database of more than 150,000 global businesses and has more than 150 themed and sector tools that establish an objective view of a business’s competitive standing. 

Growth Flag is a  first-of-its-kind, online tool designed for policy makers, commissioners, business decision-makers and analysts to better understand individual businesses and the local economy today, as well as their future growth potential.    

GC Insight can design support services and deliver intelligence-led interventions that can drive local economic growth.


  • Service design, set-up & mobilisation
  • Governance & management reviews
  • Workforce planning
  • Capacity building
  • Brand frameworks, marketing & communications planning
  • Digital transformation
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Networking & peer learning
  • Leadership analysis & training
  • Advisory project support


If you would like to talk through your project, contact Mark Modena, Director of Performance Improvement, at