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Can smart meters improve energy management for EVs?

  • Posted By GC Insight

Our research and evaluation experts get excited about tucking into a piece of work that helps push us closer to Net Zero. So, we are pleased to have been asked to evaluate two Department of Energy Security and Net Zero programmes that explored how smart meters can improve energy management for electric vehicles (EVs).  
One, the Smart Meter Load Control (SMLC) programme, focused on using smart metering to manage and optimise electricity usage for domestic EV charge points; the other, Beyond Off Street (BOS), trialled EV chargers with smart meter load control in public locations e.g., roadside parking, or car parks.   
It's important because the roll out of EVs, smart charging and smart metering play a significant role in building an efficient and flexible energy system - which will help save our planet.   
With input from RSM and Urban Foresight, we are evaluating these programmes in two broad stages. The first stage focuses primarily upon process - the appropriateness and effectiveness of programme design and delivery – and evidence of intended programme outputs. The second stage will assess the extent to which the intended impact and outcomes of the programmes have been achieved, as well as its overall cost effectiveness. The final report will be delivered by mid-2024.   
Alongside this, we are also supporting RSM with an evaluation of the government’s Vehicle to Grid programme, which explores how EVs can be used to not only draw electricity from the grid, but also supply power back to the grid from their batteries when needed.

It's all very rewarding.

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