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Blackpool Community Renewal Fund (CRF) Project Prioritisation

  • Year: 2021
  • Client: Blackpool Council
  • Delivered By: eksogen

We worked alongside Blackpool Council to determine a priority programme of activity for Community Renewal Fund support in the town, compiling a report for presentation to Blackpool’s Town Deal Investment Panel. 

After receiving proposals valued at almost two and half times the maximum allocation, our team completed an independent appraisal of the applications to determine an appropriate scale of activity and ensure robustness at a programme level. 

Initial checks were completed to ensure the proposals met eligibility criteria and a government-supplied template was completed for each eligible scheme, guaranteeing all were considered on a consistent basis. This resulted in a ranked programme of potential activity, with further scrutiny to ensure there was no duplication of activity. An allocation of almost £5.9m was successfully secured.  

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