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 Digital Economy Skills Action Plan for Scotland

  • Year: 2022
  • Client: Skills Development Scotland
  • Delivered By: ekosgen

In response to the Scottish Government’s commitment to ensuring that employers can access the variety of digital skills they need, ekosgen was commissioned to prepare the Digital Economy Skills Action Plan to take a whole economy approach to developing the skills required for digital transition.

Our team undertook desk research, followed by a programme of multi-agency and employer workshops from a wide range of sectors. We developed a typology of skills and examined three segments: digital enablement skills that are required in almost every job; occupations requiring a hybrid of digital and specialist skills; and digital professional skills, such as software engineering, data and cybersecurity.    
We prepared a set of recommendations for the development of a sustainable, skilled and digitally resilient and enabled workforce and the Digital Economy Skills Action Plan for Scotland (DESAP) was launched in March 2023.  

Digital Action Plan For Scotland


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