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Gateshead Strategic Narrative

  • Year: 2022/2023
  • Client: Gateshead Council
  • Delivered By: ekosgen

We led a team of Gateshead Council partners, including OPEN and Chamberlain Walker, to develop a persuasive investment proposal that targeted both policy-maker and investor audiences. 

Drawing on an extensive evidence base, we analysed key sectors, strategic development sites and principal enabling assets to articulate the scale and opportunity for investment, capitalising on Gateshead’s location at the heart of the Tyneside conurbation and proximity to the city of Newcastle. 
This strong value-for-money proposition highlighted how investment will support wider placemaking and regeneration ambitions for the borough, and established a clear case for intervention, including quantified outputs, outcomes and impacts. 
The opportunity was visualised within a compelling prospectus, incorporating a strong narrative, striking imagery, infographics, illustrative design and spatial plans. 
Gateshead Council used the investment prospectus to target potential investors, both public and private, and to inform collateral at major events such as MIPIM. 

Gateshead Strategic Narrative


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